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Staging Your Home For A Quick Spring Sale
September 16, 2023 jun Strategy Session

With the spring selling season officially underway, vendors are busy preparing their homes to achieve the best possible sale result.


When it comes to presenting your home, spending more money doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get a better outcome. In many instances, focusing on the basics can make a big impact and make your home more appealing to prospective buyers.


With a few strategic changes, your property photos can look great, and the space will also be far more inviting. Here are some ways to better stage your home:


De-clutter your space

There’s no doubt when it comes to selling your home that less is more. Decluttering is a great way to make your home feel larger and cleaner. Dispose of or donate items that won’t accompany you to your new home.


It’s also worth considering storing personal items temporarily to establish a more neutral setting for potential buyers. This means putting away personal photos, removing fridge artwork and tidying letters and bills. Even toiletries and clothing can be neatly stowed in cupboards or drawers.


Decluttering doesn’t just create a sense of space; it allows potential buyers to see their own lives and belongings in their potential new home.


Clean up

After decluttering, it’s vital that your property is clean so it presents as well as it possibly can. Beyond tidying and vacuuming, this involves doing some work in your outdoor area or garden. So, things like trimming hedges, clearing pathways, and even laying mulch or pebbles in garden beds can enhance the house’s appearance.


If your home has any smells or odours, now is the time to sort that out. You should also focus on organising cupboards – especially in the kitchen and laundry areas – as prospective buyers will likely want to examine the storage situation. It’s also worth addressing any carpet stains or discoloured curtains that might not look aesthetically pleasing.


Fresh paint

While your personal taste may favour a bright feature wall, it might not resonate with potential buyers. Always opt for neutral paint colours – such as whites, creams, and light greys – to create a clean, appealing look. Neutral tones also help conceal scuff marks and minor imperfections. Don’t shy away from repainting cupboard doors or tiles to give your kitchen and bathroom a modern feel if you don’t have the budget to update them.


Invest in new décor

Instead of renovating the entire property, you can look to make small changes to the décor, while avoiding over-cluttering the space. Subtle touches work wonders and are also cost-effective. Including a statement rug or hall runner, some pillows or throws and even some new artwork or flowers can really make your home stand out.


Create a welcoming ambience

For the actual home open, focus on crafting a warm and inviting atmosphere. You can try using some inviting scents through scented candles or fresh flowers. It’s also worth using some soft ambient lighting that complements the space. It can be useful to think about the season and adapt accordingly. On warmer days, use your fans or air conditioning, while cooler days can be made cosier with a lit fireplace if available.





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