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How To Negotiate For A New Car
April 15, 2023 jun Strategy Session


Purchasing a new car is a significant financial decision and every buyer wants to get the best possible price.


Here are some tips for successfully negotiating a new car purchase:


  1. Do your research – To get a great price, you must first know the true value of the car you want to buy. Research the market, what selling prices look like, know what a good value car looks like and visit multiple dealers.
  2. Secure finance ahead of purchase – Obtaining pre-approval for a car loan demonstrates your readiness to buy and can speed up negotiations. It can also give you a way to negotiate if you know your upper limit.
  3. Showcase your knowledge – If you think a car is overpriced, demonstrate why that is the case with facts and listings of other cars on the market currently.
  4. Be prepared to walk away – If you’re not satisfied with the deal on offer, take your time to consider options from other dealerships.
  5. Don’t rush – Avoid making hasty decisions influenced by sales tactics. Take advantage of end-of-financial year sales, model run-out sales, plate clearances and visit dealers at the end of the month when they may be more flexible on pricing.



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