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5 tips for buying a car at the EOFY
June 21, 2023 jun Strategy Session


The EOFY (End of Financial Year) can be a great time to purchase a new or second-hand car with dealerships sometimes being incentivised to move stock.


Here are five tips to help you buy well at the EOFY:


EOFY sales: The EOFY is the perfect time to look for a great deal, as dealerships often cut prices to clear old stock and meet their sales targets. This can provide you with an excellent opportunity to negotiate a lower price.


Avoid dealership financing: Dealerships often attract buyers with low interest rates, but they usually come with sky-high fees. Speak to a finance broker to compare your options before searching for a car.


Shop around: Take the time to compare prices across different dealerships and use that knowledge to negotiate the best deal you can.


Know when to walk away: Sometimes, walking away can pressure dealers into offering a better deal. Remember, their goal is to meet their EOFY targets, so don’t be in a rush to buy.


Mind the extras: Additional features can sometimes sweeten the deal, but it can also lead to higher prices. Be clear about your needs before heading to the dealership. This helps in avoiding unwanted additions and focusing on what truly matters to you.




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